Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why Do Boys Pee Standing Up?

So the other day I took Piper to her ENT for a follow up on the tubes in her ears.  We had an incredibly long wait that included more than one trip to the public bathroom on the second floor of the facility.  During one of these trips, Piper turned and stood facing the toilet, put her hands down near her fully clothed crotch, swayed her hips back and forth and smiled, "mommy, this is how boys pee".

I'm not sure if I should laugh at the perspective of her three-year old observations or cry at the fact that my three-year old knows that boys pee standing up.  Do all three-year old little girls know that?  I'm all for an open door policy, but I'm not sure that includes the bathroom door.  Of course, to make it easier for the kids at daycare to get into the bathroom and to remember to go, the bathroom door is always propped open (there's a separate bathroom attached to every classroom).

Her observation was followed by the question of "why"...why do boys pee standing up?  I was somewhat floored by her observation and question that the only reason I could think of was "because they do".  She sees me change Sully's diaper, so I know she knows that boys and girls are different.  I just wasn't ready for her question...I can only imagine what she'll come up with next!

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