Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Taste of the Future?

So I look at this weekend as a taste of what could be.  Jeff left Friday morning to celebrate a childhood friend's bachelor party.  I'm "single-momin' it" for the weekend.  Luckily for me, I've got awesome kids.  Sully and Finley actually took a two and a half hour nap this afternoon-might have been longer if I hadn't had to wake them to get Piper to a birthday party.  After days like today, I can't stand the fact that I'm not with them more!

It's funny-there are pros and cons to everything.  Daycare can't seem to get them to sleep at the same time-hell, days I wonder if they aren't struggling to keep them eating on the same schedule!  Somehow (despite their early arousal this morning) they were on an awesome schedule today...I wonder if we might be better off in this instant keeping them home.  Then on the other hand, I don't think Piper could live without seeing her best bud Veda every day!

And Piper...I swear she is just smarter than the average bear!  She is GREAT at manipulating Jeff and I when we're all here together, but when it's just me she's a little angel.  I suppose I probably shouldn't admit that until Jeff actually comes home-I've probably just jinxed myself for tomorrow morning!

Things have been a little chaotic lately, to say the least!  It's funny how things work out sometimes.  More than a year ago I threw my name in the hat for a stay-at-home job.  Three weeks ago, I finally got the call.  Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be enough to sustain me to stay at home with the kiddos.  Oh well...I have hope that the work will pick up!  The downside...three kids + two jobs = one very tired momma!

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