Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun Fact of the Day: Diaper Rashes Suck

Diaper rashes truly suck!  Jeff and I are both fair-skinned people so, of course, we produce fair-skinned people.  Our fair skin makes us that much more susceptible to skin issues-Jeff even had a little skin cancer removed two years ago.  One of those "issues" is diaper rashes. So far Sully has been pretty lucky but Finley certainly takes after Piper.  A little pink diaper rash goes to red, angry and blistered in a matter of hours.  With Piper, I literally tried every rash cream I could find (including every prescription I could manage to get the doctor to write).  The only thing that has truly worked is my home made cream...cherry Maalox and Aquaphor!

Try works!

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