Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Countdown to Mobilization...

I'm all for progress, but mobilization?  Not so much.  It looks like it could be any day now that Sully and Finley will be crawling.  I'm just not ready...

With Piper, we couldn't wait for her to start crawling.  I guess with my first, I was a little on the competitive side...always wanted her to reach those firsts before when the milestone charts suggested she should.  Piper didn't actually make her first move until she was nine months old.  I set her down at drop-off at our daycare and she just up and crawled over to the toy she wanted.  From then on, she was mobile.  Sully and Finley were born more than six weeks early.  Their birth age makes then just over eight months old but their gestational age puts then at six and a half months.  With this in mind, I was sure I had at least two more months before I had to worry about re-baby-proofing the house.  With "re-baby-proofing", I just mean baby-proofing, as in to start.  As far as baby-proofing for Piper, we put gates up at the top and bottom of the stairs and put plugs in all of the outlets.  I'm positive that I'm going to have to do a little more this time around.

For starters, we've got to come up with a plan for all these little toys (doll shoes and crowns, pizza toppings, itty-bitty little plastic forks and knives).  And then, there is securing things to the walls-someone is bound to be a climber!  Don't forget the bathrooms.  I once tried to put a thing on the bathroom door so our lever-style door handle couldn't be opened by Piper...didn't work.  Come to think of it, it may still be on the door knob (nonfunctional of course...).  It's definitely a top priority at this point; especially with the possibility of grandma and grandpa coming to care for our kids while we attend a wedding our of town.

I just keep asking myself, how could this have happened (so quickly)?  I love it that our little people are progressing so well.  It was such a concern that they would be developmentally delayed due to their gestational age-and I'm not saying that they aren't or won't be.  Honestly, Finley is still struggling to sit-up on her own.  How can she possibly be ready to crawl when she can barely sit-up.  I actually told Ms Lyndsay, head teacher in their room at daycare, that I think she CAN crawl...I just can't see it!  One minute she's next to the couch and the next she's pulling stuff out of the lowest rack of the toy bin.

Jeff has himself convinced that this time next year will be easier.  It may be easier, in that we won't have to be so regimented with our scheduling and feeding.  I just don't think he's fully taken mobilization in to account. Once Sully and Finley are mobile, life as we currently know it will be over!  We are totally outnumbered at this point (unless of course we can train Jude to act as a parent).  It won't take long for Piper to learn to use Sully and Finley as distractions...send them in different directions for Jeff and I to chase so she can get into trouble!  It's only a matter of weeks...the excitement is building...it's the final countdown!

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